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Quantitative solutions

Where: In-Hall, In-Studio, In-Home, Point of Sale, In-Street

How: CATI, CAWI, Online, Paper

Sensorial tests

• Taste evaluation
• Smell/Fragrance evaluation
• Key visuals evaluation


We analyze the neurological reactions of your target audience to obtain a 100% objective view about your product or service.

Brand Monitor

We evaluate your Brand Strength and the Drivers that impulse it using Data Analytics, and identify the optimal communication channels for your targeted audience.

Product/Services Tests

• New Product release
• New Services release
• Packaging
• Labeling
• Logos
• Webs
• Ads

Eye Tracking

We see things from the consumers perspective, revealing what is catching their attention, what influences during the buying process and the interaction with the product itself.

B2B Solutions

Interviewing of all types of target groups, going from IT specialists, telecommunication, journalists, politicians, financial specialists, doctors, etc. up to KOL’s.

Qualitative Solutions

To explore the whys and wherefores

Focus Groups

To gain insights of a group about your product or service through rational and projective techniques in order to access deeper, unconscious motivations and reasons.

In-depth Interviews

To understand in depth the experiences, feelings and perspectives of the interviewees about your product or service.

Accompanied Interviews

To better understand the buying process or usage that your target audience does on your product.

Ethnographic Interviews

To understand, through informal conversation and flexibility, the behavior, interests, lifestyle and attitudes of your target audience.


We organize participative workshops for the creation of new positioning, detection of new opportunities, product or brand extensibility, or studies on topics of social debate.

Paired or Triads Interviews

To understand in depth the experiences, feelings and perspectives of the interviewees about your product or service, adding to it the group dynamics.

We have access to all your targets

Final consumer related investigation (B2C)

We use the latest data to help you understand and connect with your target audience. From big scale quantitative studies to specific smaller studies, we can help you.

Business related
investigation (B2B)

Our multidisciplinary team has access to all kind of sectors and is able to contact and interview the decision makers involved in the buying process of your Product or Service within the companies of a specific sector.

Our full range of solutions

• Desk Research

• Usage & Attitude (U&A)

• Brand Image and Positioning

• Brand Equity

• Brand Tracking

• Motivational Investigation

• Segmentation Studies

• Concept Tests

• Product Tests

• Brand naming Tests

• Packaging Tests

• Slogan Tests

• Ads Tests

• Pre & Post-tests

• LinQ Ad-Track

• Price Sensitivity Tests

• Sensorial Tests

• Taste/Fragance/Key Visuals evaluation

• Customer Satisfaction Studies

• Employee Staisfaction Studies

• Pharma Studies

• Social Studies/Opinion Studies

• Mystery Shopping

• Business-to-Business (B2B)

• Conjoint Analysis/Factorial Analysis

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