Qualitative methodologies

  • Team of highly qualified professionals (psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists) specialized in research, marketing and tendencies
  • We conduct market research and consultancy in the whole vital cycle of a brand or product
  • LinQ has developed own working methodologies where we offer our clients the application of the widest range of research techniques, especially elaborated and personalized for each project.


  • IDI’s
  • Paired interviews and triads
  • Ethnographic interviews
  • Accompanied visits/interviews
  • Focus groups/mini groups
  • Creative groups/workshops
  • Semiotic analysis

We use:

  • Representation techniques: Representation of a determined paper/role
  • Association technique: Association of words or pairs of words
  • Complementation technique: complete incomplete phrases/story telling“The first time I saw this product, I thought …”
  • Construction techniques: Collage of photos*, imagery planet, brand families, robot portrait, personification, party or personalization of brands, etc.
    • *At LinQ, we have at our disposal a pool of images in order offer a more detailed and exhaustive analysis of the significance that the consumers award to each image
  • Brainstorming
  • Personal/visual diaries