The involvement of Spaniards with sustainability - LinQ Market Research

What grade do we give to our daily involvement with sustainability?

According to the new Sustainable Development Report 2021 (prepared by the SDSN and widely used to define the performance of countries in the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs), Spain has climbed to 20th place in relation to the application of the 2030 agenda despite the global paralysis caused by the pandemic, although it remains behind European powers such as France, Germany or the United Kingdom.

Not all the news is good, as it seems that we have stalled on such important issues as the reduction of inequalities or the protection of both terrestrial and underwater ecosystems.

At LinQ we have set out to know the personal involvement that Spaniards have with sustainability, so we have asked 500 people from different representative provinces of Spain about their daily involvement with sustainability. We leave you the interesting results below.

General results

There are no significant differences between the grade given by men and women, although we do see that women declare themselves more involved in sustainability than men with higher scores (36% grade 6-7 for women and 27% for men). .

At the age level we can observe that, despite not finding significant differences, the younger generation (18-34 years old) tends to be more involved with sustainability than the elderly. 34% of young people consider themselves very involved (note 6-7), versus 31% of 35-54 year olds and 29% of 55-65 year olds.

Results by province

Results by employment status

In the comparison of provinces we found significant differences between the population of Madrid (39%, note 6-7) and the residents of Seville and Vizcaya (25% and 24% respectively, note 6-7). Madrid residents express being more involved in sustainability.

Part-time workers and stay-at-home workers are the groups that tend to be more involved with sustainability, 38% and 34% respectively in higher scores (6-7).