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Sustainable urban transport in Spain

Sustainable urban transport reduces energy consumption and opts for clean and renewable energy. European governments are committed to promoting the use of urban transport that pollutes less and optimizes the transfer of passengers, investing increasingly in infrastructure specially designed for this.

Transporte urbano sostenible

To see if sustainable urban transport is used in Spain, we have asked 500 people from different representative provinces of Spain to indicate the frequency with which they use each type of transport, being able to choose more than one option per type of frequency.

Transporte urbano sostenible


Considering only the means of transportation that are used daily, we can draw several interesting conclusions:

  • The most used is, by far, the gasoline/diesel car (23%).
  • Many choose to use public transport combinations Bus (14%), Metro (13%), Tram (4%) and Train (7%).
  • 1/3 uses electric options: Bike (6%), scooter (4%), Car (3%) or Motorcycle (2%).
  • 1/10 move with transportation powered by their own energy: Bike (6%) and Scooter (4%).

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