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Is your business brand strong enough?

The Brand of your business is much more than a name, it is the first step towards success. It makes your business unique and a reflection of your mission and values. A strong and recognizable Brand gets us new customers and builds loyalty among existing ones.

A strong Brand engages buyers, connects with our target targets and allows us to always be present and considered in their purchasing processes. The strong and consolidated Brand allows us to reduce Marketing expenses and increase sales, grow and surpass competitors; being valued by employees and customers.

The Brand of your business is your name, your logo, your branding, your mission and your vision. That unique emotion in the minds of consumers.

how to evaluate the perfomance of my brand

Brand Monitor

We present our Brand Monitor solution, to quantify if your brand is strong enough compared to your competition. It is an empirical procedure based on Data Analytics so that you do not have to make visceral decisions under conditions of uncertainty.

Has as purpose:

  • Evaluate the individual situation of each brand and its strength.
  • Identify the main Drivers of the success of the brand and its main competition.
  • Identify the most relevant KPIs of the Brand’s Sales Funnel.
  • Identify the most effective Touchpoints and channels for the Brand.


1.- Strength and value of the Brand:

  • We analyze the engagement with your target audience at each level of the Sales Funnel, as well as its transfer to the next level.
  • We identify critical points and improvement actions.
  • We identify competitive advantages and disadvantages by comparing them with competence.

2.- Brand drivers:

  • We identify which company products and/or services drive the Brand the most.
  • The performance of each Driver and its importance are evaluated.
  • We identify which Drivers enhance Brand Strength with less effort or investment.
  • We compare with the competition.

3.- Touchpoints:

  • We identify at what level of the purchasing funnel I make the Brand strong in the long term.
  • We identify the arguments to communicate at each level of the Funnel.
  • We identify the most effective channels for communication with your target targets.

The project is carried out through online surveys. A representative sample will be analyzed, which will depend on the sector.

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