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Domótica en el hogar

Have we modernized our homes during the pandemic?

We continue to report on our home modernization block, in this case we asked a representative sample of our society about the use they give to home automation in their homes, being able to select all the categories they wanted.

The results, shown in the graph below, allow us to see which categories are most used, and which need to improve their relationship with the user to enter the daily life of our society.

Categorías de domótica usadas en el hogar

Use of home automation

Analyzing this study on home automation, without a doubt, its use is increasing, and the pandemic itself has had a great effect on it. When asking people from different social classes, the results of our study lead us to conclude that households in the highest classes of society have significantly modernized their homes compared to the lowest classes, where they do not believe that the change in the level of modernization has been significant.

Our home automation study includes 500 residents of some of the largest Spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville and Bilbao) between 24 and 50 years old, contemplating the same number of women and men, and with the condition that they had started studies. university students.

Results obtained in November 2021.

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