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la felicidad del empleado

Do companies value employee happiness?

Today we want to talk to you about the most valuable resource that companies have: their Employees. Thanks to their motivation, effort and talent, the growth objectives that every company expects and desires are achieved.

And this is where we find very illogical relationships despite seeing a trend where companies are increasingly focusing on Data. If we look at the metrics that large companies usually use to measure their success over time (ROI, CAC, TRC, Profit Margin, etc.), and the direct impact that overall employee satisfaction has on them, we see how Companies have neglected employee care.

Data tells us that a satisfied employee improves company performance.

That is why at LinQ we want to vindicate the importance of the Employee, and help companies understand:

Why do we need to investigate employee happiness?

Knowing the satisfaction status of your employees will allow you to apply corrective actions and enjoy all the advantages of having satisfied employees:

  • Satisfied employees are invested in their work, have higher productivity, and care about the success of their team and the company.
  • Satisfied employees are less likely to suffer from chronic illnesses. Satisfied employees enjoy happier lives at home.
  • Committed employees will have no reason to look for work in another company, and therefore there will be less employee turnover.
  • Satisfied employees make fewer mistakes and are more likely to achieve excellence.
  • Various studies indicate that there is a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

For those companies that value the effect of having satisfied employees, LinQ offers our SATIS-Q Employees solution, which allows us not only to evaluate the satisfaction of your employees, but also to propose corrective measures for those areas that need improvement. We do this by calculating:

  • Satisfaction Index
  • Employee Net Promoter Score
  • Emotional balance of employees
  • Trust in the company and the management team

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la felicidad del empleado