Thank you very much for your help and very easy and professional cooperation! I am very glad that we could do this project with you.

LinQ’s teams are so efficient!!!!

It was nice talking with you yesterday. Again: Thanks a lot for good and professional preparation of briefing! All in all we have got very good impression of set up in Barcelona.

Data entry is perfect. Thanks a lot to you and your team. Thank you Monique and great effort by the team this weekend!

Thank you so much to you for all your hard work on this project, you’ve been great and I hope to work with you again at some point!

Thank you very much for sending the data so early! This is really helpful for me because the timing for this research project is quite tight and the sooner I receive the data the better for me. And thank you very much for being so flexible and provident again in this project.

A delayed thank you for all of your hard work on the Good Dinosaur exits & resistance study! Please pass our thanks on to your staff as well. I’m hoping we have another opportunity to work together soon. Happy holidays and best wishes for a wonderful new year! Thank you so much to you and Jose for all your hard work on this project, you’ve been great and I hope to work with you again at some point!

A big thank you to you and the team! You did a great job this weekend!

I would like to thank you for our successful collaboration, always with kindness and professionalism, it is a real pleasure to work with you

Thank you very much Marta, and also thanks to all the team for their hard work on this study. I will leave the survey for the LA team to complete in the coming days. Hopefully we will be working with you again soon. Echoing Jane’s comments, thank you! Your team did a great job, and you are always a pleasure to work with.

You are the nicest and best company I have ever worked with – Thank you

Many thanks for sending the results so swiftly. They are – as always, best quality!

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to you and your team for the fieldwork over the weekend which was great!

Thanks for your quick answer and thanks for your general efforts regarding this study!

What makes me feel good is, knowing that you have everything under control at LinQ. Thank you very much.

Thanks to your efforts we were able to get the topline out last night so it was all great!

Thank you for all of your hard work on this study. You did a wonderful job completing everything on time and I truly appreciate it!

I hope you are well. We just had the presentation with the client and everything went very well and they were happy with the results so we would like to thank you for the great job you have done and for making everything so easy for us.

I returned to the office this Monday after my holiday break. I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts on the project conducted this past weekend. The client was very impressed with how smooth the logistics were and how well the study was executed. I also want to thank you for handling the data-processing and coding on the weekend!

I can’t believe how much you could animate your participants! Definitely the best effort of all participants among all countries. I am very pleased, so thank you and your teams for this hard work. Your project manager has also been fantastic, I’m very glad I got back in touch to ask your team to work on this.

Muchas gracias por el gran trabajo con nuestro test de producto. Todo funciona perfectamente y os agradecemos la buena preparación antes del comienzo del campo. Genial!

Again, many thanks for your great cooperation on this project, it was really good working with you.

Ich und meine Mitarbeiter sind begeistert von Ihrem Service und der angenehmen Zusammenarbeit. Das kommt selten vor, generell sind Studien im Ausland eher schmerzhaft, jetzt wollen alle nur noch bei Ihnen in Spanien testen. Danke dafür.

Solo quería agradeceros el estupendo trabajo que estáis haciendo con nuestro estudio. Enhorabuena por vuestro talento y trabajo. Estáis convirtiendo casi en un placer un estudio complicado que podría haber sido una pesadilla.

I know why I always work with you/LinQ in Spain. The cooperation is always perfect, you do a great job, I do not have to explain a lot, you are flexible and I have the feeling to have a reliable partner on my side